Nutritious supplements for children

Usana Usanimals - Nutritious supplements for children

Usanimals are daily vitamin, mineral and antioxidant supplements for children between 13 months and 12 years of age. From birth to adolescence, children are constantly growing and developing. During this phase of their life, nutrition plays a key role in keeping the body healthy and free of diseases.
Nutritious supplements for children

Growth in a child is an intricate process of physiological and hormonal changes. It is not just growth in bones and muscles, although that is also crucial. During the period of one to twelve years, a child learns many physical actions like walking, running, jumping, and cycling. Some children also learn to play baseball or become adept at a musical instrument.

Young children display a tremendous amount of energy. They can play and jump around through the day without any sign of tiredness. Obviously, children in this age range of 1-12 years need a lot more energy as compared to an adult of 20-25 years. Along with energy, they also need a vital supply of nutrients.

However, it is a shocking fact that nutritional needs of children across the world are not met. In underdeveloped countries, many children suffer from malnourishment. They are inflicted with physical and mental health complications caused by insufficient diet. The situation is no better in developed countries, where children are brought up on inferior diet like pizza, burgers and french fries. Experts say that it is important for growing children's diet to include minerals like calcium, magnesium and zinc along with vitamins like B6, which are easily available in fresh green vegetables and fresh fruits.

Usanimals are mineral, anti-oxidant and vitamin supplements. Growing children need a daily replenishment of Vitamin C and E and Usananimals packs a considerable amount in its formulation. They are a part of the Usana Essentials family of supplements and specifically address the needs of the 'below 12 year olds'.

Children specially love the chewable tablets which come in the form of funny animal shapes. Usanimals have a wild berry flavor prepared from a phytonutrient combination of wild blueberry, raspberry, blackberry and cranberry fruit powder. Parents like the fact that they are sugar-free. However, they contain a natural sweetener.

Usananimals offers the most comprehensive vitamin and antioxidant complexes for children. They are safe, effective, based on scientific research and of the highest quality. Among all the other products available in the market, Usanimals offer the best nutritional support for growing children.
Vitamins And Skin Health

Vitamin A, when taken internally to improve skin care, should be done in moderation and with the supervision of a dermatologist. Overdoses of vitamin A can occur and the effects of overdosing can be unpleasant, including over-drying of the skin and flaking.

Vitamin A has many uses, especially when used in a topical cream application, for improving the condition of the skin and overall skin health. There are several skin conditions which respond well to topical applications of vitamin A supplement creams.

Because of the effect of drying the skin and kerolytic agents found in vitamin A, topical creams containing the supplement are often used to treat acne, oily skin, psoriasis, thick skin and wrinkles. Kerolytic agents work to remove oily plugs found in hair follicles and sweat glands.

Topical vitamin A supplements have also been found to build collagen fibers within the layers of skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines that lead to wrinkles. Depending on the type of skin, a dermatologist may recommend a cream, a gel or a solution. Each works in slightly different ways to deliver the vitamin A to the skin. For those with severely oily skin, a gel or solution may work better and they are not intended to hydrate like a cream.

Natural vitamin B12 works to lessen the production of inflammatory cells in the skin and trap nitric oxide in the skin, making it less reactive. The British study looked at 41 patients with ages ranging from 18 to 71 years of age. The researchers treated the subjects in the same manner as the German study, with medicated cream indicated for half the body and a placebo for the other half.

Vitamin B complex is one of the most healthful and helpful vitamin complexes for overall body and skin health. The base cellular material in skin, nails and hair is biotin, a vital nutrient contain in vitamin B complex supplements. Even a minor deficiency in vitamin B can result in visible symptoms including hair loss, flaky skin and even dermatitis.

Only a small number of subjects reported any side effects, which were limited to local skin irritation at the site of use of the cream containing vitamin B12. In all cases, the subjects and researchers concluded the cream application of vitamin B12 was excellent in treating and lessening the symptoms of eczema.